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I sit often latley not trying to remember all - just remembering what I do recall - and I often think of
when was the precise moment I knew I was a Wolfhound ( A question presented to me by an active duty Wolfhound who is former Batallion Commander and now a Basic Training Brigade Commander):
Instead of myself today thoughts are on a day in April 1967 when we had captured some VC prisoners. As we held them captive and re-grouping the new guys were all a gaze - in the bushes one man held his weapon (I think it was empty) on 2 VC in a Mexican stand-off- the squad leader walked upon them and blew the 2 VC away - I stared into the eyes of the new guys and said to them "This is not a Hollywood movie - this is for real!

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A 1/27 1967

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To be a Wolfhound -

I arrived in Hawaii only 8 or 9 days before we were loaded on a ship and taken to Vietnam in January , 1966. I didn't even have time to really unpack. The Wolfhounds were new too me. I was fresh out of Basic and AIT and I had no idea what or who the Wolfhounds were. I even asked SSG Duran, one of the old-timers. He just looked at me for a minute, and then said, “When you are willing to give more than what is asked of you, you'll be a Wolfhound". I learned what he meant on February 14th, 1966 during Operation Taro Leaf. I helped carry SSG Duran’s body to a Dust off. I still had Cordie Dixon’s blood all over me. They were Wolfhounds! I don’t remember if I ever considered myself a Wolfhound, but I was surrounded by the best of them. You just did what needed to be done to make sure your brothers were safe.

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knowing when

Easy to be honest I do know if it was after the bobo or when I got hit. I know Risky told me years later, that he thought of us as the new guys. But just before he left he said we came back from a fight on the border, and he was there to greet us. He realized we were the new guys no longer. He said we came off the choppers like it was no big deal. He said we actually had a damn swagger, if you can believe that