Did you ever meet a wannabe? One of those people that say's I'm in a band. Easy to prove right? He or she say's yeah come on down to such and such bar Friday and we'll be rockin out. You go there and sure enough there they are. Then there are the people you meet that say: yeah I was in the war, it was bad shit. Then they start telling you things that don't make sense because you were there. But some of the posers can fool you for awhile but they always slip up.

There is in my mind a poser of another kind. A wannabe that was there but thinks his service meant so much more than his Brothers service. That he was braver and more aggressive. That if he were in charge things would have been done better. And somebody really fucked up, but it wasn't me.

Does the Brotherhood in arms mean anything? I truly believe it does. But it is a struggle like anything in life. And we all must struggle each day to find a way to keep the wannabe's and posers from becoming us.